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Re: [Accessibility] resident evil

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [Accessibility] resident evil
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 05:56:57 -0400

    I disagree that we should work to make a functional replacement of
    Naturally Speaking.  Instead, we should work towards competitive
    free-software continuous large-vocabulary speech recognition, in
    parallel with developing/enhancing speech-enabled application
    interfaces.  However, let's not duplicate Naturally Speaking's
    limitations, and let's keep it focused on the needs of people who
    can't type.

When I say a "free replacement", that doesn't mean we should aim to
preserve any limitations or misfeatures.  I mean a replacement that
can do the same job.

However, there is no reason to focus narrowly on the needs of people
who can't type.  The more people the program is usable by, the better,
and that will mean more contributions of a kind that are directly
useful.  That ought to benefit all the users.

People said we need a corpus of speech samples.  I read that there was
a project to make a free one, and it needs help.  We should be in a
position to help people contribute.  Can anyone find the name of the

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