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[Accessibility] Re: alternative approach discussions

From: Bill Cox
Subject: [Accessibility] Re: alternative approach discussions
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 14:55:33 -0400

Thanks for the tip about the yahoo VoiceCoder group!  I've joined up.


On Sat, Jul 31, 2010 at 3:54 AM, Eric S. Johansson <address@hidden> wrote:
>  friend of mine runs a quick/short-term discussion space. It's real simple,
> brute force but it may be a good enough  for the hybrid contingent to have a
> brief discussion about approaches to developing pragmatic disabled user
> software.  once we get going, as a variety of options for e-mail lists such
> as the one listed below (voice coder)
> there is another list for people interested in speech user interfaces. This
> list is the voice coder list at Yahoo groups. The people there include
> developers of vocola, unimacro, and dragonfly.
> address@hidden
> The philosophy of the members of the list are focused on helping speech
> recognition dependent users first. The software they release is almost
> universally GPL with an IDGAF on the backend for the recognition engine.
> There are good people there. They have a different philosophy than I do on
> speech user interfaces but, the main reason I haven't proven my out yet is
> because VR-mode Emacs is broken and I don't have any way of generating code.
>  and, because they have different approaches, I listened very carefully to
> what they say. Like I said, good people.
> The effort could use some hands to approach code generation and editing a
> different way than they currently do. We need to reduce complexity in the
> same time as increasing functionality. Within the next five days I'll be
> posting there a design note on how to generate a data sniffer for a shell
> environment so that you can learn about the local context and use it to
> build more commands.  the goal being to generate a speakable change
> directory command.
> I'm looking forward to your feedback.
> for what it's worth, I may be invisible for a day or two because I need to
> reinstall Windows 7 and NaturallySpeaking. It's a pain but it is a
> semiannual event that I've signed up for because the compromise I've had to
> make.

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