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Re: [Accessibility] resident evil

From: Chris Hofstader
Subject: Re: [Accessibility] resident evil
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2010 13:37:34 -0400

Will, Thanks for this. Can you please join our speech recognition list 
(address@hidden with subscribe in the subject line)? We hope to get this going 
really soon as we've a number of volunteers who are all chomping at the bit to 
get going.

On Aug 1, 2010, at 3:14 AM, Will Pearson wrote:

> CDH:
>> We already know we will have multiple UI to serve different use cases: 
>> programming by voice, dictation, command and control, etc. I think that it 
>> is at the UI level where we may include features that apply more strongly to 
>> someone who cannot type versus someone who prefers dictation while typing a 
>> little.
> WXP:
> It might be an idea to change the interaction structure too.  I can forsee 
> different user groups being prepared to put up with different costs depending 
> on what they get out of voice recognition.  For example, different user 
> groups will be willing to spend different amounts of time learning how to use 
> the system.  It would probably be useful to run the UI design process using a 
> user centered design methodology.
>> cdh: A large bunch of the continuous dictation users who want to make emails 
>> and documents and the like only want to dictate the body of the text and use 
>> the keyboard to edit, format, execute commands, use menus, etc. A person who 
>> cannot type must be able to do these sorts of tasks with speech and we 
>> should do some sort of UI survey to design an efficient way to do these kind 
>> of things.
> WXP:
> There's probably a few techniques that would produce a good design.  One 
> would be taking an engineering approach involving cognitive modelling. 
> Obviously, you probably would want to run a set of thinking aloud sessions to 
> validate any design - although running a thinking aloud session for a voice 
> recognition system might be a bit interesting :).
> CDH:
>> as a blind user with RSI, I can say that while using DNS, saying, "Go back 
>> four words..." pretty well  really sucks if you lose count of how many words 
>> you have typed since the item  that you want to change. It's a strange 
>> cognitive model to be composing text while also trying to count words and 
>> characters that I never quite figured out how to do without spending a bunch 
>> of time.
> WXP:
> Ouch... That must hurt.  The process of sub-vocal rehersal that is used 
> during short term / working memory and speech production both use Wernicke's 
> Area and Broca's Area in the brain.  This conflict over the use of 
> neurological functions is probably dragging down your performance in both 
> memory and speech production.  So, it's probably a high priority thing to try 
> and sort out in any future system.  Not only that, it seems an interesting 
> challenge and you're a friend.
> CDH:
>> Other than patting my dog, there is little else for a blink to do in a 
>> marathon ride, sleep, ride, repeat...
> WXP:
> Awww.  Say hi to the X-Dog from me.
> Will 
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