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[Acl-devel] (Re)applying default ACLs via setfacl

From: Michael Orlitzky
Subject: [Acl-devel] (Re)applying default ACLs via setfacl
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2012 15:37:45 -0400
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I wrote the following code in order to patch tar, cp, and mkdir to
support default ACLs (right now, they preserve the group bits and
clobber the mask[1]):

  (git clone

It has turned out that the functionality is useful on its own: often,
someone (usually myself...) will forget that that he's working in a
directory with ACLs. Not paying attention, he'll do something to a file
that clobbers its ACL, and the operations needed to return the ACL to
its original state are not immediately obvious. In such cases, it's
useful to be able to "reinherit" the default ACL for that one file or

Plus, if I never get my coreutils/tar patches upstream, it allows one to
mimic their behavior via e.g.,

  $ cp ~/foo ./
  $ reapply_default_acl ./foo

which is a lot easier for me to explain than the corresponding
owner/mask/other fixes.

Does this sound like something that would make sense for setfacl to do?
I don't expect that my code is any good, but I've at least got a passing
test suite that confirms the algorithm isn't garbage.

Unrelated bug report: the maintainer listed in the man pages is
address@hidden; undeliverable for me.


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