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[Acl-devel] "Malformed access ACL" Issues with 2.2.53, 2.2.52 is fine

From: Fabio Coatti
Subject: [Acl-devel] "Malformed access ACL" Issues with 2.2.53, 2.2.52 is fine
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2018 10:43:02 +0200

Hi all, I'm having an issue with 2.2.53 version of acl.
Basically, with latest version acls it is not possible to set acl, I get this 
error back:

> setfacl -m g:cova:rwx 53

setfacl: 53: Malformed access ACL `group:cova:rwx,mask::rwx,other::r--': 
Missing or wrong entry at entry 1

On exactly the same system with 2.2.52 all works fine. I'm testing it on a 
gentoo system, quite up to date with kernel/gcc/toolchain.

More details on the issue and description of the system can be found here.

Of course, I can provide any other info needed and perform any test that could 
be useful; please CC: me as I'm not subscribed to this ML.

Many thanks,


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