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Re: savannah git repository now available

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: savannah git repository now available
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2020 11:13:54 -0800
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Simon Wright <address@hidden> writes:

> Stephe, it looks to me as though to actually build you have to clone
> the Savannah repo into several different working directories, for
> ada-mode, wisi, sal, makerules, ... each checking out the appropriate
> branch, and each taking ~200 MB in the .git directory. 

In short:

use "git worktree add"

> Is this maybe a holdover from a monotone way of working? or,
> practically, enforced by Savannah policies? 

It's how git works. Before "git worktree", each workspace had a full
copy of the entire repository.

"git worktree" solves that by allowing one copy of the repository to
support several workspaces.

(This is one reason I really liked monotone; it cleanly separates "sync
with remote" from "manage workspace" :)

More detail:

git clone ...

cd org.emacs.ada-mode
git worktree add -b org.wisitoken ../org.wisitoken origin/org.wisitoken
git worktree add -b org.stephe_leake.sal ../org.stephe_leake.sal
git worktree add -b org.makerules ../org.makerules origin/org.makerules

and if you are running tests:
git worktree add -b org.stephe_leake.aunit_ext ../org.stephe_leake.aunit_ext 

There are many other ways of using git, and trying to define "the right
way" gets into religious arguments. If you can figure out how to
make subtrees etc work, more power to you.

-- Stephe

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