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Re: Gnu Emacs Ada mode 7.3.beta released.

From: Stephane Carrez
Subject: Re: Gnu Emacs Ada mode 7.3.beta released.
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2022 18:39:26 +0200
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On 12/07/2022 16:18, Stephen Leake wrote:
Gnu Emacs Ada mode 7.3.beta is now available in GNU ELPA devel for
beta testing.

ada-mode and wisi are now compatible with recent gnat versions. The
grammar is updated to the proposed Ada 2022 version.

I was able to build and install (well, I did it several times until it 
succeeded :-)).
It's not clear which compiler can be used but with GCC 12.1 it worked.

I had problems in the past to build wisi-3.1.7 on Ubuntu 20.04 with gnat-9.
I also had problems with compiling with GNAT community 2021 so I switch to gcc 
May be you can add a note about which compiler must be used?

I've noted that `ada_mode_wisi_lr1_parse` is consuming more and more memory.
It's not a regression since I've observed that with ada-mode-7.1.3.

I have the habit of never stopping/killing emacs to keep my buffers and other 
After 2 or 3 days of editing, I regularly get a wisi parser that uses more than 
1G of RSS memory.
(one day up to 8G)

ciceron  1824283  0.2  6.1 1058396 998768 ?      Ss   juil.12  10:15 
ciceron  1824275  0.3  0.7 448936 114040 pts/14  Sl   juil.12  15:16 emacs

I don't use any feature of the ada-mode except the auto-indentation while 
writing code.

Is there anything I can do to help you spot this issue?

Best regards,


Incremental parse is provided. It still has some bugs, so it is not
enabled by default. To try it:

(setq-default wisi-incremental-parse-enable t).

To access the beta version via Gnu ELPA, add the devel archive to

(add-to-list 'package-archives (cons "gnu-devel" "";))

Then M-x list-packages; the beta release shows as ada-mode version
7.3beta1.0.20220711.185004, wisi version 4.0beta1.0.20220711.185552.

See the NEWS files in ~/.emacs.d/elpa/ada-mode-7.3beta* and
wisi-4.0beta*, or at, for
more details.

Please report success and issues to the Emacs ada-mode mailing list

The required Ada code requires a manual compile step, after the normal
list-packages installation:

cd ~/.emacs.d/elpa/ada-mode-7.3beta*

There's a bug in; it looks for WISI_DIR with the old
version. Copy the equivalent code from to fix it.

This requires AdaCore gnatcoll packages which you may not have
installed; see Installation for help in installing them. will take longer than in previous releases, up to several
minutes; the ada-mode LR1 parse table is now too big to store in ELPA,
so generates it.

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