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[Aeskulap-users] Aeskulap in a Live CD, New CDMEDIC Fusion Live CD!

From: Pablo Sau
Subject: [Aeskulap-users] Aeskulap in a Live CD, New CDMEDIC Fusion Live CD!
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 16:29:28 +0200

The aim of this new Live CD is to  make a free tool of distribution of
complex medical data as PET-CT, with the possibility of create, review,
manipulate  and distribute medical images and reports,  being
accessible the result form any operating system. New fusion-2.iso with
the following features:
      * Live CD created with Linux Live Scripts , based on Debian  Sid
        and uses  UnionFS  .
      * From the running Live CD, without hard disk installation, it's
        possible to install and run new programs, using the nice
        ENLIGHTENMENT DR17  window manager.
      * It has a OFFIS DCMTK  DICOM listener, Series of MRI, PET, CT
         can received and  a DICOMDIR is created along new  re-sampled
        data to make it more manageable. 
      * Series received can be fused using AMIDE  (User's Manual
        included) and  you can create  jpg and mpg movies of  Flight
         through on any slice orientation, rendering fused volumes and
        save the processed data. 
      * Also them can viewed, windowed , panned and zoomed  with
        AESKULAP  DICOM Viewer.
      *  From the running  Live CD you can re-master (Mini Howto
        included) and toast a new Live CD with the  added data.
      * If you get a copy of the report in doc format it is converted to
        html along the DICOM images converted to jpg in a film fashion
        and stored in the cdmedic CD directory, to be accessed from any
        Internet Browser.
      * When the Live CD is run from Windows the fusion can be
        manipulated with the windows runtime of AMIDE and  the DICOM
        data could be viewed with a  Windows DICOM Viewer program
         copied to the CD root directory, see DICOM introduction and
        free software or Free DICOM and Medical Imaging Wiewer /
        Converter Software to see free options.
      * If you insert the CD in a Medical Work Station, the DICOM data
        is accessed trough the DICOMDIR

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