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[Af-test] Your Attention Please

From: kojoannan
Subject: [Af-test] Your Attention Please
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 10:57:43 +0800
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Hello Dear

 My name is Kojo Annan. I am the son of the United Nations
Secretary General, Kofi Annan.
My motive for contacting you is based on my urgent need of a partner
that can assist in securely investing $15,000,000.00. The source of
these funds is my now overtly known participation, in the Iraqi Oil
for Food Program. Though the program has been discontinued since
2004, the public scrutiny into how the affairs of the program were
run has refused to go away.
I was on transit in Madrid the Spanish capital when I was contacted
on the phone by my lawyers that a scandal involving me had broke on
the said program. I had to immediately re-organize my immediate
travel plans. Coincidentally, I had just taken delivery of the
aforementioned funds. Because I knew that the press would be looking
out for me, I had to hurriedly seek for a storage company in Madrid
to keep away the trunk cases containing the said funds.
I would have since gone back to retrieve the suitcases but I know I
am being watched because of the Oil for Food scandal. This is why I
require your assistance. You are to proceed immediately to Madrid,
Spain with the relevant claim documents for the suitcases. I have
already notified the storage company in writing, of my intention to
elect someone that would be coming on my behalf and it is ok with
them. They have simply asked me to arm my elected person with a
consent letter. Take note that the storage company is not aware of
the contents of the suitcases. The cases where logged in as personal effects.
Before you proceed to Madrid, ensure that you have perfected
modalities to take care of the funds.
Soon as you have been able to secure the funds, my attorney would
meet with you to sign relevant documentation to evidence our
partnership. You are to get 20% for your troubles.
I await your response.
Kojo Annan.

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