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Re: [Artanis] getting the examples to work

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: [Artanis] getting the examples to work
Date: Mon, 15 May 2017 12:00:16 +0800
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hi ffx!

ffx writes:

> tml; charset=ISO-8859-2>
> It should be noted that the examples should be modified only minimally to not
> run into problems.
> Switching from from Ragnarok to guile engine (etc config) caused errors here,
> also going from mysql to postgreSQL or MariaDB can cause errors.

Oops, I haven't tested the compatibility of guile engine, yes it's
broken, I'll fix it.
And please don't use MariaDB as a name of the DB
implementation. Actually it's unecessary to add MariaDB as a DBD in
Artanis since it's the same with mysql.
If you want to use MariaDB, just make sure it works and set db.dbd=mysql
I should mention this in the manual.

> Nevertheless, using MariaDB instead of mySQL I at least could the login screen
> of the blog example on
> Running the "hello world" still gave me errors though. All databases must be
> setup and be running smoothly before artanis will work, which can be painful
> with some distros.

Could you elaborate it? If you don't need database operation, then you
should use (run #:use-db? #f) to avoid Artanis init database.
Maybe this should be mentioned in the manual too.

Best regards.

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