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[Artanis] Documentation and housekeeping

From: Sofie Overstreet
Subject: [Artanis] Documentation and housekeeping
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2018 12:17:09 -0600
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Hi list!

Artanis is one of the most unique and ambitious projects I've run across in a long time. I think it has a lot of potential to eventually open up a whole new paradigm of web development.

While it is well documented to a certain point (good job guys, really) the eccentricities of zh -> en translation make reading the docs rather difficult. Also, I'm already finding some gaps in the initial setup.

So, I'll be doing a top-down clean up of the docs as I familiarize myself with the project.

But more importantly, in my opinion, is getting some meta documentation up. I've had to sort of reverse engineer how to build the docs ( I'm still not sure I'm doing it correctly.) and figure out how to contribute by trial and error. Not all maintainers are so pleasant when you make a mistake.

I was hoping to use this thread to discuss the meta of the meta; or what format you want to use to report and discuss documentation inaccuracies, retractions, additions, etc., and other things not directly related to the code or functionality.

I'm hesitant to clutter the Gitlab issue tracker (I have quite a few very basic questions that need answered), so my suggestion is to simply use either this or the bug-artanis list and prepend [META] or [DOCS] to the subject.


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