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[Artanis] database with Japanese text not displaying properly

From: Julio Claudio Matus Ramirez
Subject: [Artanis] database with Japanese text not displaying properly
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2018 00:23:01 +0900
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I've been trying to use artanis for the past few days, but it looks as I
hit a wall...
I'm trying to renew a super old private system I have running on
php, using a mysql (Innodb) database.
I have some data in Japanese too (utf-8), which is apparently only shown
with question marks. Any known issues? Is this not supported or
something? Maybe I'm forgetting a keyword somewhere...

This is my debug code, but I have about the same on the controller/view
with the same results:

    (define conn (connect-db 'mysql init-str))
    (define some-desc (map-table-from-DB conn))
    (define print-row 
      (lambda (row)
         (list 'tr
                (lambda (item) (list 'td (format "~a" (cdr item)))) row) ))))

     (tpl->html (map print-row (some-desc 'get 'description #:columns '(*) )))

Actually the moment I do (some-desc 'get 'description #:columns '(*) )
the output is already with a bunch of question marks where the Japanese
is supposed to go.

I copied manually the data from my other database to the new one I
created with art.

The mysql table shows: CHARSET=utf8mb4
And I can see the data with no problem in my terminal.

Any kind of hint/comment would be appreciated.

P.S. Love this project.

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