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[Artanis] Beginner: Trouble running artanis without '/etc/artanis/'

From: Tonton
Subject: [Artanis] Beginner: Trouble running artanis without '/etc/artanis/'
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2018 01:21:07 +0200


I've finally gotten around to try out Artanis, but I struggle making it even

I'm on GuixSD, so I can create files in /etc/ but I prefer not to. I guess
that would have made the start a bit simpler. (This is because in GuixSD
_everything_ can be/is defined in a configuration file for the OS - And I'd
like to add it through the config, which currently is a teenie bit of work on
my end, I'd prefer getting Artanis working without this requirement)

I packaged artanis 0.2.5 and am using it for my efforts here (will send it
to Guix ASAP).

I saw in the docs I can use an application folder as an alternative
to /etc/artanis/... So I used 'art create PROJECT' to create one. First
reaction is "wow, that's a lot of files and folders - I have no idea where to
start..."; I couldn't really figure out how to get started from this.

I tried evaluating the ENTRY file in geiser, and keep getting:
        #<procedure init-config ()> "Fatal error! Do you
        have /etc/artanis/artanis.conf?"
Not sure how to get around this, without adding files to /etc/ - which I
don't want to do.

I am also a beginner at Scheme/Lisp, but so far most things make sense. The
docs look good as reference, but I am missing a sort of noob guide or similar
for this. Love the intro to scheme for X-istas   :-)

Look forward to hacking on a webpage and if I'm capable, Artanis.

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