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Re: [Artanis] Using #:auth to Authenticate a User

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: [Artanis] Using #:auth to Authenticate a User
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2018 01:09:16 +0800
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Jonathan Schmeling writes:

> Last, – mostly because I'm really interested – how does the
> user-inputted password get passed through the POST call? Does the form
> need to specify the right name? I used passwd mostly as a guess since I
> couldn't find it specified in the doc.s.

The POST is not mysterious, according to HTTP protocol, it's the same
with a common query-string, for example, name=nala&passwd=123
The name of passwd field should be the same you specified in #:auth, for
example, if you write this code in the form:
<input type="password" name="passwd">
Please notice that name of password input was specified to "passwd".

Then you should write authentication like this:
(post "/auth" #:auth '(table user "user" "passwd") #:session #t
(lambda (rc) ...))
Please notice that the "passwd" here is the same with what you specified
in the form.

If you failed to set the correct field name, the authentication will
fail to fetch the correct password but a #f.

Best regards.

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