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[Artanis] Fwd: Web Browser Plugin/Extension : HTML <script type="applica

From: Marc Dunivan
Subject: [Artanis] Fwd: Web Browser Plugin/Extension : HTML <script type="application/gnuguile"></script>?
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2019 15:07:47 -0800

GNU Artanis web framework developers:
Is there a project dedicated to creating web browser plugins/extensions that allow GNU Guile to run client side in the browser?  If so, do they have a website?

Basically an Internet media type in the HTML script tag:
 <script type="application/_javascript_"> </script> or 
 <script type="application/_javascript_"> </script>.

 e.g.: <script type="application/gnuguile"></script>

I didn't see the Internet media type listed here:

I understand that GNU Guile can act as a web server and a web client, and GNU Artanis is a server side web framework.  However, I thought it would be interesting to have GNU Guile run client side in a web browser, and forget about writing ECMA script. 


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