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[Artanis] Using Session and Cookies in the Same Call

From: Jonathan Schmeling
Subject: [Artanis] Using Session and Cookies in the Same Call
Date: Sun, 5 May 2019 18:49:21 +0000

It's always plausible that this isn't something that was designed, 
intentionally, but is it feasible to spawn sessions in the same call as 
you set! a cookie?

I was trying out a call like

(post "/auth/sign_in" #:auth      `(table PEOPLE "USERNAME" "PASSWORD"
                       #:cookies   '(names sess)
                       #:session   #t
                       #:from-post 'qstr-safe
   (lambda (rc)
      [(:session rc 'check) (redirect-to rc "/")]
      [(:auth    rc)        (:session rc 'spawn)
                              (uri-decode (:from-post rc 'get "USERNAME")))
                            (redirect-to rc "/")]
      [else                   "Go to fail page."])))

but when that code is run, the session seems to get stored as a cookie 
in the browser and, at the very least, definitely does not get 
recognized as an active session (the page the above redirects to is 
suppose to redirect back to the sign_in page if (:session rc 'check) is 
false and it always does with the above code but doesn't when I remove 
the cookies parts from the above so it's just the session that's being 

Unrelated, I also discovered that .html.tpl files seem to not get 
rendered when with \" or \' get used in JavaScript. I tried seeing if it 
was just escaping, in general, that caused the issue but any other use 
of the backslash seemed fine – it only seemed to be when either 
quotation was escaped in JavaScript that Artanis suddenly couldn't 
render the view.



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