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Re: Build from Source Can't Find Guile Development Files

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: Build from Source Can't Find Guile Development Files
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2019 22:15:07 +0800
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Hi Jonathan!

Jonathan Schmeling writes:

> Oh, I can try; I don't know what the cause is, at the current moment, and I'm 
> not certain what the intended behavior is (it's the first time I've even 
> heard of the variable, before), though.

No hurry. We need more contributors to build a real community, so it's a
good chance to help folks getting involved by small fix patches. You may
give it a try at any time, unless someone send a similar patch. ;-)

>> Could you write a tutorial to help newbies to use Artanis on Heroku?
> I don't know where I'd host it (which is more just an acknowledgement of my 
> own ignorance; if there's a place that's common or you might recommend, I'd 
> be happy to); I don't have any place I do writing usually, currently. I was 
> going to add, at some point, info. on how to get setup in the of 
> the Artanis buildpack so people would know what to do, if that'd suffice?

------------------------Advertisement time------------------------------
Maybe you should have a blog, let me advertise Colt blog engine writtern
with Artanis:
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Well, forget it, I haven't released it seriously. I'm still testing it
in my own blog.
I have a plan to write a learn-by-case site for learning Guile and other
related packages, of course, I'll do it with Artanis. But it needs time.
If it's too short to write, then maybe you can put it in README and send
a MR on Gitlab.

Best regards

> Jonathan
> On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 8:13:53 AM CST, Nala Ginrut <address@hidden> 
> wrote:
> Hi Jonathan!
> Jonathan Schmeling writes:
>> Right? I've never used it before, either, but that seems undesired.
> I think it should be considered as a bug, at least it looks too ugly.
> Would you like to send a patch? ;-)
>> In the short term, you can see a sparse Artanis running at 
>> and a sparse, test endpoint at 
> Could you write a tutorial to help newbies to use Artanis on Heroku?
> I can help to reference your tutorial in my blog, so that we can do some
> advertisements. ;-)
> Best regards.

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