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Re: Possible MySQL Bug

From: Jaft
Subject: Re: Possible MySQL Bug
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2020 00:56:16 +0000 (UTC)

No worries! And sure thing; 'tis attached.

If I'm remembering correctly, the only things I altered from the standard generated one is the databse username, passwd, and name and the host addr.


On Sunday, August 2, 2020, 2:57:37 AM CDT, Nala Ginrut <> wrote:

Hi Jaft!
Sorry for late reply!
The record in related code is r6rs record, so the fields of parent have
to be explicit, for example:

(define-record-type aaa (fields a))
(define-record-type bbb (parent aaa) (fields b))
(define r (make-bbb 1 2))

Then match it:
(match r
(($ bbb ($ aaa _ a) b) (list a b))
(else "no"))

==> (1 2)

If you match it as ($ bbb a b), then a will be bound to the instance of
record aaa.

Could you provide you config file?

Best regards.

Jaft writes:

> Hey; sorry to message again so shortly after the first time but I think I found an actual bug, this time.
> I tried running Artanis with the DB enabled and ran into the below error:
> Loading conf/artanis.conf...done.Loading server engine 'ragnarok' ...Loading server engine 'ragnarok' ...User wants to use Database, initializing...connection pools are initilizing...Backtrace:In ice-9/boot-9.scm:  1736:10 11 (with-exception-handler _ _ #:unwind? _ # _)In unknown file:          10 (apply-smob/0 #<thunk 55904ecb8a00>)In ice-9/boot-9.scm:    718:2  9 (call-with-prompt _ _ #<procedure default-prompt-handle…>)In ice-9/eval.scm:    619:8  8 (_ #(#(#<directory (guile-user) 55904ed67f00>)))In /usr/bin/art:    42:12  7 (_ _ _)In artanis/commands/work.scm:    145:8  6 (work . _)In artanis/artanis.scm:    315:4  5 (run #:host _ #:port _ #:debug _ #:use-db? _ #:db-proto …)In artanis/db.scm:  222:13  4 (init-connection-pool)In ice-9/boot-9.scm:  222:17  3 (map1 (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 …))In artanis/db.scm:  160:14  2 (_ _)  100:16  1 (DB-do-conn! _)    67:10  0 (->mysql _)
> artanis/db.scm:67:10: In procedure ->mysql:mysql "Wrong connection config!" #<<mysql> username: "user" passwd: "password" dbname: "databaseName" addr: "" socketfile: #f>
> I looked up the ->mysql procedure and figured things weren't getting caught by the match and, therefore, hitting the error in the else branch.
>>From the looks of the branch I thought my particular setup should be caught by (no socketfile), I'm guessing that the username and password used to be stored in their own record? And it looks like everything's stored in a single record, now.
> So I changed the first branch from ($ <mysql> ($ <db> _ username passwd) dbname addr #f) to ($ <mysql> username passwd dbname addr #f) and then things seemed to work.
> Obviously, you know the codebase far better than I so I may be missing something but I figured the info. might be helpful in tracking it down, if I'm right that there is a bug.
> Jonathan

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