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Re: Possible MySQL Bug

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: Possible MySQL Bug
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2020 03:50:29 +0800
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Jaft writes:

>  Also, – not directly related but something I have been wondering in regards 
> to Artanis (if you don't mind me slipping in another quick question here) – I 
> know how to get spawn (and check for) a session.
> Is there any way to associate a user with a session? The manual offers a 
> pretty clear example of how to spawn a session on a successful login 
> ( but it 
> doesn't look that it stores the username, just generating the session ID.
> I was wondering if there was any way to store user data with the session to 
> know, for example, which user is currently logged into a session?
> Jonathan

Well, it's just a simple example, in product development, we have to do
more that.
If you want to trace the session id of a logged user, you may do it in
several ways:
1. hash-table
2. DB
3. LPC (redis)

Anyway, the principle is to create a lookup table to store <username, 
Artanis doesn't provide a way for it, because there're considerations
around performance and security. So we only provide the low-level mechanism.

>   Ahhh; I am using 3.0 for Guile. So perhaps that's where things are stemming 
> from?
> I know I'm using the latest Artanis (heh, had to switch things when using the 
> latest release didn't work and we talked about it so I had impetus to just 
> pull directly from the latest commit with git).
> Jonathan

I haven't tested Artanis with Guile-3.0, although it's supported in
docker, I will try it sometime. Or maybe you can upgrade Guile, IIRC
there're few releases after 3.0.

Best regards.

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