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Re: Could session and cookie duration be configurable?

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: Could session and cookie duration be configurable?
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2021 17:21:30 +0800
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Hi Mortimer!

Mortimer Cladwell writes:

> Hi Nala
> A feature request:
> With each git pull of Artanis I go into artanis/session.scm and
> artanis/cookie.scm and reconfigure the hard coded durations for cookies and
> sessions.  Could that be made into a configurable parameter i.e. a setting
> in artanis.conf that the developer can set?

Oops, I thought the session.expires was configurable. It's my mistake.
At lease cookies is able to specify the expire time.

> With the upgrade to v5.0 are there any changes in artanis.conf that we need
> to be aware of?

OK, there's a "hidden" feature, actually, it's just a feature I forget
to mention in the manual.
Each time you upgrade Artanis, you may run:
cd your_app_dir
art create --upgrade
This will upgrade to the latest artanis.conf in your app folder, and all
your existing config items are kept. It should be safe by design.
I suggest folks do it each time when you upgaded Artanis, then you can
see the new config items in your artanis.conf.

However, there's a trivial bug will preserve the, so even
you upgrade to 5.0, it may keep 0.4.1 if you created the app with 0.4.1.
This is confusing, and it's fixed in the valilla master branch.

Best regards.

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