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Sessions.valid is back

From: Mortimer Cladwell
Subject: Sessions.valid is back
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 16:37:15 -0400

Hi Nala,

My (:session rc 'check) is no longer working after I reinstall artanis with guix using:

(uri (string-append "mirror://gnu/artanis/artanis-0.5.tar.gz"))
I see at the terminal:

select * from Sessions  where sid='d4eeaa2682faad3295646a287ec431ee' and valid='1' limit 1 ;
NOTICE:  relation "sessions" already exists, skipping
[backend:session-restore/db] ()

i.e. it looks like the select is looking for the nonexistent 'valid' field (as the database was created initially without Sessions.valid).  I checked your gitlab v0.5 and it looks like you removed the valid as previously discussed. I downloaded artanis-0.5.tar.gz from and when I look at artanis/artanis/session.scm it still makes use of the valid field.  I am guessing this is true of the mirror as well. I guess I can pull the commit from gitlab.


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