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Re: Logo idea for Artanis

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: Logo idea for Artanis
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2021 04:06:31 +0800
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Hi Blake!
Thank you very much for feedbacks!

Blake Shaw writes:

> Artanis seems like a great project! But it seems like it could use some
> UX, as indicated by the call for a logo design in the README. So while
> reading the docs today I started by correcting some grammatical
> mistakes, which I sent as patches to (sorry if this was
> not the correct place, I didn't see specifics for patches or a
> patches-artanis@gnu in the README)

We need to organize the community, so please send your feedbacks and
patches to and feel free to CC me ( We
need to let everyone know what's going on, and help people get involved.

> I won't lie, when I first stumbled upon Artanis the design of the
> website threw me off a bit. A web framework should have a clean aesthetic,
> and theres a few things about the web layout that I find messy. But
> looking deeper it seems like Artanis is very good work, and I can't blame 
> hackers for not being designers.
> Plus, this here GNU Artanis is free software! If something could use some 
> improving, its up to us to make it better.

Yes, I confess the website is out dated today.
But the story is that we don't have a better way to build the site at
that time. Of course I want to build the site with Scheme, but I found
few choices at that time. So I picked the static page generator of
Chicken Scheme to generate the Artanis website since Artanis was not
ready. It looks not cool today since it's incompatible with the latest
generator, and I don't want to spend much time on Chicken Scheme. But
anyway, I want to thank Chicken Scheme and the author of Hyde. ;-)

Today we are confidently to use Artanis to build a better website with
modern web frontend framework. However, I'm not as free as the past
days. I really hope people can do that for Artanis.

> I'm not a designer, but I do make my living doing interactive new media
> installations, so I have some sense of aesthetics. I've also done quite
> a lot of stuff in China. [1] Its a country I hold dear. But anyway,
> I came up with this idea for a logo, and made a very rough draft:
> Idea:
>   - ∀Ⲗ The universal quantifier "for all" + lambda
>     +  This keeps the logo simple -- if a new design team starts
>        handling it, its a no brainer to implement
>     +  Ok, "for all lambda" might be a bit generic and kind of obvious,
>        but it does capture a simple idea: free software, for all without
>        restriction, making developing web applications using the greatest
>        programming language of all time, Scheme, a joy.
>     +  The universal quantifier is

I like your idea, although the draft pic looks a bit crude. ;-D

> [CW] The following links are from companies who don't even pretend to respect
> your privacy
> [1] * See for example the stage visuals I created for Jackson Wang from
> Got7 for Tencent's festival at Ghuangzhou stadium 
> [1.1] ** or for Z.Tao from Exo for the 2019 MangoTV awards
> (definitely not
> privacy concerned links, so I don't advise visiting -- unfortunately I
> don't have a server hosting this of my own)

Cool! Nice to know it!

Best regards.

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