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Need Someone to Maintain Aspell Windows Port

From: Kevin Atkinson
Subject: Need Someone to Maintain Aspell Windows Port
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 21:43:34 -0600 (MDT)

The Windows port of GNU Aspell is extremely out of date. Unfortunately I have no time and very little interest in maintaining a Windows Port. Thus I am interested in one or two people who are willing to step up and maintain it. This will involve two parts.

1) Maintain an updated binary of Windows compiled with MinGW, or a recent version of Visual C++, such that the binaries will work with Windows 98 or better. In order for me to accept it as an official Windows Port I will need to sign off on all the required changes. This basically means that a binary compiled with VC 6 will not work since it simply requires to many changes. However never versions such as VC 7.1 will work since from what I understand there are far better in terms of standards compliance than VC 6 and thus don't require nearly as many changes. In fact I have several patches to this effect that I hope to apply at some point.

2) Rather than creating binary packages for each of Aspell 86 dictionaries, work with me to create a way to compile and install Aspell dictionaries from the source package. The reason for this is two fold, one, the binary dictionaries will require constant effort to be kept up to date, and two, there are a significant deal larger than the source package. Since Aspell dictionaries are in a standard format it should be possible to do this by examining the contents of the source package and in particular the "info" file. This can be done with out requiring Perl or even any Unix tools. The Aspell binary and preunzip-bin should be all it should take.

If you are interested please let me know.

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