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[aspell-devel] aspell and unsing dictionaries, creating new dictionaries

From: m.tarasiewicz
Subject: [aspell-devel] aspell and unsing dictionaries, creating new dictionaries
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 04:57:02 +0100

my aim is to create a script, which to some point automatically checks a
given multi-language text against some sort of relevance-languages, and
marks the output according to wai-level-A with the <span lang=""> tag.

for this i am using Text::Aspell perl module

my problem now is concerning the main aspell program.

[1] for the first step, i just need to check if a word is existing in the
first language, jumping to the next if there was no result. fallback to the
language with the highest relevance, if no results were found at all.

this is working, but i have problems understanding the syntax of installing
new dictionary files. a bad thing is, that they have to be compiled on the
target system, which makes the whole thing not so portable.

but anyway: to which file i have to point
$speller->set_option('master',$dicfile); to check the right dictionary? i
tried it with all the possible files that i compiled, but actually i didn't
get any result. and i also don't get the clue, how this switch ('master')
works together with $speller->set_option('lang',$language);.

any hint would help me very much.

[2] custom dictionary files
i was reading
on how to create custom wordlists, but here the same problem again. what if
the custom wordlist i want to create, has no corresponding language?
example: latin.
i didn't find any latin aspell dic-file, but an ispell dictionary. how could
we generate a dictionary file out of this or a plain textfile?

and also for custom-replacements: how to create and use these custom
dictionary files?

thanks for the help and sorry, if i missed something.

matthias tarasiewicz

"wuerde gerne heimgehen, bin aber schon da"

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