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[aspell-devel] Re: Aspell phonetic Rules

From: Bjoern Jacke
Subject: [aspell-devel] Re: Aspell phonetic Rules
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 10:38:39 +0100
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On 2003-01-14 at 10:45 -0500 Que Chi Luu sent off:
I think, if I understand the documentation right, the transformation rules
take the characters from the correct spelling and match it to its phonetic
transformation, so that if you have a mispelling of say 'rhombus'
(RHMBS) as 'rombus' it sees 'RH^        R' so matches the 'r' in 'rombus'
with 'rh'?


What happens when you have a transformation rule with a dash,
such as 'GH     _'? I guess I am confused about the direction of the
transformation rule - if you already have the correct spelling with GH
then it is easy to see its phonetic mapping to '_' but if you haven't got
anything in the incorrect query how do you know you need to correct to
'GH' from '_' rather than something else with '_'?

hm, I'm not sure if I get your problem right here. Let me give an example: If you missspell the work "cought" (from catch), if you write a word you mostly know how to pronounce it but you may not know how to write it correctly - but no matter how you think it will be written you will probably spell it so, that it would be pronounced the same way as "cought", for examply you might spell it "cout" or "coud". The main point in the phonetic correction method is that all this writings result in the same phonetic result, even if the word's spelling is very different from the correct one. Because GH in "cought" is almost unhearable, the phonetic rules simply cut it out, simplify it away. :)

This ways, the phonetic result of "cought" might be "C*T" and the phonetc result of "coud" might also be "C*T", which makes aspell be able to bring up a sugegstion for it, simply by finding a word which has the same phonetic.

I hope I could help you with this, could I? Should the documentation be made better? If you like you can send me corrections or say which part is not good to understand.
BTW - are you trying to do an aspell phonetic table for any language?


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