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[aspell-devel] COM Wrapper

From: Alexandre Leduc
Subject: [aspell-devel] COM Wrapper
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 14:34:05 -0500
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Two things:

1- I have begun work on a COM wrapper dll of the Win32 port of
Aspell. I'd like to know if someone has done that already, even if it is
an old, unmaintained project. I intend to use Aspell to correct search
engine queries for a commercial product (the search engine).

Anyways, when I finish the project, I'll post a link to the modified
source code (if any, since I's doing a wrapper), new code and Visual C++ project files.

2- I'd like to know of ncurses is in used in the aspell library itself or just the executable program that uses it (aspell.exe on Win32). If yes: I don't have a use for console output so if there's a simple way to strip ncurses out of the library without re-writing too much stuff, I'd appreciate if someone can point it out to me.


Alexandre Leduc
Cogilex R&D

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