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[aspell-devel] Testing notification code in speller_impl.cpp

From: Gary Setter
Subject: [aspell-devel] Testing notification code in speller_impl.cpp
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 21:33:15 -0600

I wrote yesterday that one of my hang ups with win32 patches was
the arrary of UpdateMember with an initalization expression. The
Aspell 0.5 code was not very presentable. I asked for ideas, but
nothing came in.

I made my own attempt. Rather then storing a function pointer, I
made an enum for each notification function and a call function
that calls the right one.

I still need to test my code. It seem that the utility calls the
notifiers first and creates the speller notifer latter. Did I
just not set things up right? I can make my own call to the
notifiers in my own app tomarrow. But if anyone has helpfull
suggestions for how to test the speller notification functions I
would be grateful.
Best regards,

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