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[aspell-devel] Re: VS 2003 Projects

From: Kevin Tew
Subject: [aspell-devel] Re: VS 2003 Projects
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 13:41:57 -0700
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I wasn't suggesting a fork,
How does KevinA envision Windows Support?

I build just fine with a few patches that I'm going to submit.
It uses the standard autoconf/automake system aspell already uses

I don't build this configuration ( I might start soon.)
but I suggest that is also use the standard autoconf/automake system aspell already uses

For Visual C++, VisualStudio:
I like Visual studio project files, but I hate to maintain them.
A set of nmake specific makefiles are just as bad.

I was thinking a perl script that would read the automake's
and would generate either VC6 or VS.NET2003 project files and the necessary settings.h
Maintainance would still be required but to a lesser degree.


Hi KevnT,

I have three ways to build aspell, VC workspace/project files,
BCB make file, cygwin make file. Only the VC makes a dll, the
rest just make a static library.
I sent KevinA my VC files for Aspell6. He posted them to this
mailing list. Maybe you can search the archives?
I'm trying to bring make one source that is portable. There
doesn't seem to be a good reason why there should be more then
one source.
Personally, I like hand crafted makefiles. For Windows
evironments, there is enough consistency that you can depend on
one file. YMMV. The nice thing about hand crafted makefiles is
you can generally makes sense of them.
I don't support forking. If you want to do work with the current
version of aspell in windows, you might ask KevinA to accept my

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