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[aspell-devel] ASPELL_CONF isn't honored by the 'aspell_provider_list_di

From: 宋文武
Subject: [aspell-devel] ASPELL_CONF isn't honored by the 'aspell_provider_list_dicts' function of enchant
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 23:15:01 +0800
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Hi!  I have some problems to package gspell for GNU Guix, and I think it's
the issue of aspell...

In Guix, aspell and every dict are installed in seperated directory (prefix),
and then symlink together into a profile.  We have wraped the aspell
executable with `ASPELL_CONF=dict-dir $HOME/.guix-profile' to let it
finding dicts:

But the GNOME gspell, which is a GObject API wrapper upon enchant,
uses 'aspell_provider_list_dicts' (similiar to the list-dicts.c example)
to find all aspell dicts, where the ASPELL_CONF variable is not honored
at all.  Even with dicts avaliable in the dict-dir specidied by ASPELL_CONF,
gspell reports none.

The list-dicts example have this issue too.  shouldn't the default
AspellConfig returned by new_aspell_config honor ASPELL_CONF?
Or, maybe there are better way to handle dict localtions?
I'd be very happy to use a variable like ASPELL_DICT_DIRS :-)

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