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[AUCTeX-commit] auctex preview/latex/README preview/preview.el ...

From: David Kastrup
Subject: [AUCTeX-commit] auctex preview/latex/README preview/preview.el ...
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 12:16:46 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/auctex
Module name:    auctex
Changes by:     David Kastrup <address@hidden>  05/04/27 16:16:39

Modified files:
        preview/latex  : README 
        preview        : preview.el aclocal.m4 ChangeLog 
        .              : toolbar-x.el texmathp.el tex.el 
                         tex-jp.el tex-info.el tex-font.el tex-fold.el 
                         tex-buf.el tex-bar.el multi-prompt.el latex.el 
                         context.el bib-cite.el 

Log message:
        * (AUCTeX-version, AUCTeX-date): get via configure.
        * tex.el (info): Add "docTeX" to info prefixes.
        (AUCTeX-version, AUCTeX-date): removed to tex-site.el.
        (AUC-TeX-version, AUC-TeX-date): Use `make-obsolete-variable'.  Is
        version 11.50 correct?
        * tex-bar.el (LaTeX-install-toolbar): Adjust toolbarx-image-path.
        * Use aclocal.m4 from preview subdirectory.
        * tex.el (TeX-submit-bug-report): Add `TeX-command-list' to bug
        * latex/README (Note): Add bug reporting address.
        * tex-buf.el (TeX-command): Let it accept `TeX-active-master' as
        well, by not touching `TeX-current-process-region-p' unless
        `TeX-region-file' or `TeX-master-file' have been identified
        (TeX-view): Simplify.
        (TeX-active-process, TeX-active-buffer): Simplify.
        * tex-buf.el (TeX-help-error): Create the correct log file
        name corresponding to the current run.
        (TeX-error, TeX-warning): Pass runbuffer info into the routines to
        get the correct log file name in all circumstances.
        * don't bother about pre-2.50 autoconf.  Check
        version more fine-grainedly.
        * texmathp.el (texmathp-match-switch): Add autoload cookie.
        * tex.el (no-doc): Remove: not needed because autoloads are
        documented by the cookie extraction process.
        (bibtex-mode-hook): Remove.  This will be done by an autoload
        cookie from latex.el instead.
        (BibTeX-auto-store, LaTeX-math-mode, japanese-plain-tex-mode)
        (japanese-latex-mode, texinfo-mode, latex-mode, multi-prompt)
        (texmathp, texmathp-match-switch): Remove autoloads since this is
        done by cookies extracted into auctex.el.
        (TeX-region-create, TeX-save-document, TeX-home-buffer)
        (TeX-pin-region, TeX-command-region, TeX-command-buffer)
        (TeX-command-master, TeX-command, TeX-kill-job)
        (TeX-recenter-output-buffer, TeX-next-error)
        (TeX-toggle-debug-boxes, TeX-region-file, TeX-current-offset)
        (TeX-process-set-variable, TeX-view): Make comment nil instead of
        (font-latex-setup, tex-font-setup): Remove autoloads.  Should be
        done by cookies instead.
        (TeX-tex-mode): rename from tex-mode.
        (TeX-plain-tex-mode): rename from plain-tex-mode.
        (ams-tex-mode): Change autoload cookie.
        * tex-jp.el (japanese-plain-tex-mode, japanese-latex-mode): Change
        autoload cookies.
        * tex-font.el (tex-font-setup): Add autoload cookie.
        * tex-fold.el (TeX-fold-mode, tex-fold-mode): Add autoload
        * multi-prompt.el (multi-prompt): Add autoload cookie.
        * latex.el (auto-mode-alist): Add .drv to latex-mode.
        (TeX-latex-mode): Changed name from latex-mode.
        (TeX-doctex-mode): Same here for doctex-mode.  Explicitly set
        major-mode to doctex-mode: we don't want different modes.
        * tex-info.el (texinfo): Alias texinfo-mode to Texinfo-mode for
        (Texinfo-mode): Autoload.
        * context.el (ConTeXt-mode, context-mode): Add definitions and
        aliases and autoload cookies.
        * bib-cite.el: Remove autoload from instructions.
        * toolbar-x.el (toolbarx-image-path): New variable.
        (toolbarx-make-symbol-from-string, toolbarx-good-option-list-p)
        (toolbarx-separate-options, toolbarx-merge-props)
        (toolbarx-make-command, toolbarx-emacs-mount-popup-menu)
        (toolbarx-xemacs-mount-popup-menu, toolbarx-mount-popup-menu)
        (toolbarx-option-value, toolbarx-eval-function-or-symbol)
        (toolbarx-test-image-type, toolbarx-test-button-type)
        (toolbarx-test-any-type, toolbarx-test-string-or-nil)
        (toolbarx-test-toolbar-type, toolbarx-test-dropdown-type)
        (toolbarx-test-symbol, toolbarx-test-dropdown-default)
        (toolbarx-process-group-without-insert, toolbarx-process-group)
        (toolbarx-process-symbol, toolbarx-process-dropdown-group)
        (toolbarx-find-image, toolbarx-emacs-add-button)
        (toolbarx-emacs-refresh, toolbarx-xemacs-image-properties)
        (toolbarx-xemacs-button-properties, toolbarx-xemacs-refresh):
        Remove autoload cookies.
        (toolbarx-find-image): Use `toolbarx-image-path'.


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