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[AUCTeX-devel] Re: Question about TeX implementations

From: Stephan Hennig
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Re: Question about TeX implementations
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2006 22:10:52 +0200
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David Kastrup schrieb:

> do all of your TeX systems offer the
> -fmt
> command line option to the `latex' and `pdflatex' commands?

No, for latex and pdflatex shipped with MiKTeX 2.5.  Attached is the
output of 'latex --help'.

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig

> MiKTeX-pdfetex 2.5.2467 (1.30.6) (MiKTeX 2.5)
> Copyright (C) 1982 D. E. Knuth, (C) 1996-2002 Han The Thanh
> TeX is a trademark of the American Mathematical Society.
> Usage: latex [OPTION...] [COMMAND...]
>   -alias=APP                      Pretend to be APP.  This affects both the
>                                   format used and the search path.
>   -aux-directory=DIR              Use DIR as the directory to write auxiliary
>                                   files to.
>   -buf-size=N                     Set buf_size to N.
>   -c-style-errors                 Enable file:line:error style messages.
>   -disable-installer              Disable the package installer.  Missing
>                                   files will not be installed.
>   -disable-pipes                  Disable input (output) from (to) processes.
>   -disable-write18                Disable the \write18{COMMAND} construct.
>   -dont-parse-first-line          Do not parse the first line of the input
>                                   line to look for a dump name and/or extra
>                                   command-line options.
>   -enable-installer               Enable the package installer.  Missing files
>                                   will be installed.
>   -enable-pipes                   Enable input (output) from (to) processes.
>   -enable-write18                 Enable the \write18{COMMAND} construct.
>   -error-line=N                   Set error_line to N.
>   -font-max=N                     Set font_max to N.
>   -font-mem-size=N                Set font_mem_size to N.
>   -half-error-line=N              Set half_error_line to N.
>   -halt-on-error                  Stop after the first error.
>   -help                           Show this help screen and exit.
>   -include-directory=DIR          Pretend DIR to the input search path.
>   -initialize                     Be the INI variant of the program.
>   -interaction=MODE               Set the interaction mode; MODE must be one
>                                   of: batchmode, nonstopmode, scrollmode,
>                                   errorstopmode.
>   -job-name=NAME                  Set the job name and hence the name(s) of
>                                   the output file(s).
>   -job-time=FILE                  Set the job time.  Take FILE's timestamp as
>                                   the reference.
>   -max-in-open=N                  Set max_in_open to N.
>   -max-print-line=N               Set max_print_line to N.
>   -max-strings=N                  Set max_strings to N.
>   -mem-bot=N                      Set mem_bot to N.
>   -mem-max=N                      Set mem_max to N.
>   -mem-min=N                      Set mem_min to N.
>   -mem-top=N                      Set mem_top to N.
>   -mltex                          Enable MLTeX extensions such as \charsubdef.
>   -nest-size=N                    Set nest_size to N.
>   -no-c-style-errors              Disable file:line:error style messages.
>   -output-directory=DIR           Use DIR as the directory to write output
>                                   files to.
>   -param-size=N                   Set param_size to N.
>   -parse-first-line               Parse the first line of the input line to
>                                   look for a dump name and/or extra
>                                   command-line options.
>   -pool-size=N                    Set pool_size to N.
>   -quiet                          Suppress all output (except errors).
>   -record-package-usages=FILE     Enable the package usage recorder.  Output
>                                   is written to FILE.
>   -recorder                       Turn on the file name recorder to leave a
>                                   trace of the files opened for input and
>                                   output in a file with extension .fls.
>   -save-size=N                    Set save_size to N.
>   -src-specials                   Insert source specials in certain places of
>                                   the DVI file.
>   -stack-size=N                   Set stack_size to N.
>   -string-vacancies=N             Set string_vacancies to N.
>   -tcx=TCXNAME                    Use the TCXNAME translation table to set the
>                                   mapping of inputcharacters and re-mapping of
>                                   output characters.
>   -terminal=oem                   Use the DOS codepage for console output.
>   -time-statistics                Show processing time statistics.
>   -trace=OPTIONS                  Turn tracing on.  OPTIONS must be a
>                                   comma-separated list of trace options.   See
>                                   the manual, for more information.
>   -trie-op-size=N                 Set trie_op_size to N.
>   -trie-size=N                    Set trie_size to N.
>   -undump=NAME                    Use NAME instead of program name when
>                                   loading internal tables.
>   -version                        Print version information and exit.

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