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[AUCTeX-devel] Windows install documentation patch

From: Ian Kelling
Subject: [AUCTeX-devel] Windows install documentation patch
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 05:17:36 -0800
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Clears up confusing windows documentation on png support.

Inspired by the line in the documentation "complain to wherever you got your
Emacs from", which along with the rest of the paragraph implies that this
should not be a problem when getting it directly from the auctex website link
to gnu emacs.  Unfortunately this was not the case, the windows gnu emacs
linked to on the auctex site does not have png support compiled in and caused
me to waste hours of time. So my complaint comes with a patch. Also, the web
interface to the auctex cvs crashes when I try to open the "doc" directory, so
not sure if this is the cvs latest version, but it probably is.

--- .\wininstall.texi   Sun Nov 15 04:48:44 2009
+++ .\       Sun Nov 15 05:11:21 2009
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
 Install the prerequisites, i.e. Emacs or XEmacs, MSYS or Cygwin, a
address@hidden system, and Ghostscript.
address@hidden system, Ghostscript, and optionally libpng.

 Open the MSYS shell or a Cygwin shell and change to the directory
@@ -361,19 +361,22 @@
 Check whether the @samp{Preview} menu is available in this file.  Use it
 to generate previews for the document.

-If this barfs and tells you that image type @samp{png} is not
-supported, try adding the line
+If this fails and tells you that image type @samp{png} is not supported, you
+can either add @acronym{PNG} support, or use an alternate format.
address@hidden support can be compiled into emacs or added as a library to
+your system.  See the Emacs documentation for information on compiling Emacs
+and the libraries it uses.  For Windows, a binary installer for libpng can be
+found at @uref{}. To use
address@hidden instead, add

 (setq preview-image-type 'pnm)
 @end example

-at the end of your installed version of @file{preview-latex.el}.  If
-this helps, complain to wherever you got your Emacs from: all current
-Emacs/XEmacs versions capable of running @previewlatex{} by now can be
-compiled to support @acronym{PNG} images.  Which is important, because
address@hidden files take away @strong{vast} amounts of disk space, and
-thus also of load/save time.
+to your init-file or to the end of your installed version of
address@hidden  @acronym{PNG} support is suggested because
address@hidden files use much more disk space and thus require more time to load
+and save.

 @end enumerate
 Well, that about is all.  Have fun!

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