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Re: the newest release 12.2.3

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: the newest release 12.2.3
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2020 19:49:54 +0200
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Uwe Brauer <> writes:

> I just saw the announcement of release 12.2.3. Very nice. I sent some
> month ago two patches, concernig algorithm.el and algspeudocode.el.

Oh, sorry.  I've found your mail with the algorithm style but just a
mail with a question concerning algpseudocode.

> I have never heard back and the style files are not included.
> Do you want to me send them again?

Yes, please.  BTW, the old version is named algorithm.el and states so
in its header but the footer reads

  ;;; ALGO.EL ends here

Please, run M-x checkdoc RET and fix all documentation errors before
submitting a revised version.

Thanks a lot,

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