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Re: Auctex Commit

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: Re: Auctex Commit
Date: Sat, 01 Aug 2020 15:56:41 +0900

[Cc: auctex-devel]

Hi Daniel, thanks for your report.

>>>>> Daniel Fleischer <> writes:
> Hi, I'm using Auctex, mainly using CDLatex and Org-mode. 
> In June, you made some commits to texmathp.el, namely removed the AMS 
> environment (put them in style/amsmath.el). You added the comment:

> "Support for AMS-LaTeX and packages mathtools, empheq and breqn is added as 
> well if `TeX-parse-self' option is enabled."

> I don't understand how to get texmathp to recognize the math environment in 
> Orgmode. For example it doesn't recognize:

> \begin{align}

> \end{align}

> to be a mathematical environment, so it doesn't run 
> `org-cdlatex-underscore-caret` correctly, for example.

> Thanks for the help,

> Daniel Fleischer

I'm sorry, I didn't care about usage of texmathp.el outside AUCTeX. I'd
like to address this issue soon. For temporal workaround, you can add
math environments like align to `texmathp-tex-commands'.

The story behind the scene was:
1. Font lock (syntax highlighting) facility of AUCTeX changed to use
texmathp.el intensively in order to address a bug in highlighting of
math expression.
2. Now font lock facility checks for all math environments registered in
texmathp. Thus we want to have lightweight list of math environments
for efficiency since font lock operation is called at almost every key
3. So we moved extra math environments from texmathp.el into respective
style files.

To developers in auctex-devel lists:
I think that the simplest solution is to restore extra math environments
back into texmathp.el again. This means that font lock operation checks
for all math environments defined in AMS-LaTeX, mathtools, empheq and
breqn even for vanilla LaTeX documents, but I hope we can live with

Comments or suggestions?

Ikumi Keita

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