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Re: Updating xparse.el

From: Florent Rougon
Subject: Re: Updating xparse.el
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 16:51:55 +0200
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Hi Arash,

Arash Esbati <> wrote:

> Sorry for my late response.  I had a second thought on this and came up
> with the name `font-latex-fontify-replacement-text'.  A patch to
> xparse.el can look like this:


> The variable will eventually land in font-latex.el, I put it in
> xparse.el for testing purposes.  The style file is attached, do you want
> to give it a roll?

I couldn't apply the patch on top of current 'master'
(087b0300012d14cc86dec946d6c225cdb06460a1) because it has had whitespace
“cleaned up” (at least one tab replaced with spaces and the space above
'(defun' at the end removed). However, I could test with the complete
xparse.el style file you attached, which appears to be precisely the
desired result of this patch. It works perfectly.

If you allow me to suggest a few related possible improvements:

- Maybe rename the variable to something like
  `font-latex-fontify-replacement-text-in-single-color'. Rationale: when
  the var is set to nil, the replacement text *does* get fontified...
  in a better way IMO! :-)

- My custom config does similar changes to a few basic LaTeX2e commands:


  Maybe you won't feel like doing it on the three *box commands, but I
  think that at least the other ones (\newenvironment,...
  \providecommand) should be handled in the same way as you did for
  \NewDocumentCommand and friends from xparse.

- My custom config does similar changes to the following commands from


  Again, at your discretion but in particular, I think
  \DeclareRobustCommand should be handled the same way as
  \NewDocumentCommand and friends.

- My custom config does similar changes to the following commands from


  These commands are analogous to \NewDocumentEnvironment and

I believe users who write macros or environments longer than a couple of
lines will love these changes.

Thanks & regards


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