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Re: master d7e6fa0d 1/2: Cleanup `TeX-insert-dollar'

From: Arash Esbati
Subject: Re: master d7e6fa0d 1/2: Cleanup `TeX-insert-dollar'
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2022 11:03:10 +0100
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Hi Keita,

Ikumi Keita <> writes:

> branch: master
> commit d7e6fa0d418b66dbaaef56d723bc22b1a9862b8e
> Author: Ikumi Keita <>
> Commit: Ikumi Keita <>
>     Cleanup `TeX-insert-dollar'
>     * tex.el (TeX-insert-dollar): Don't insert "\)\(" when we have empty
>     active region and `TeX-electric-math' is ("\(" . "\)").
>     Use `insert-char' instead of `insert'+`make-string' to insert multiple
>     "$"s.
>     Supply FIXEDCASE argument for `replace-match'.
>     Use `save-excursion' for robustness to blink matching paren.
>     Add "*" at the beginning of interactive spec to declare explicitly
>     it's invalid in read-only buffer.
>     Fix line break of doc string and comment.
>     (TeX-symbol-marker,TeX-symbol-marker-pos,TeX-dollar-sign)
>     (TeX-dollar-string,TeX-dollar-regexp): Declare as obsolete explicitly.
>     * doc/auctex.texi (Quotes): Write cons value in "(A . B)" form instead
>     of "(cons A B)".

> +(make-obsolete-variable 'TeX-symbol-marker nil "AUCTeX 9.9d++")
> +(make-obsolete-variable 'TeX-symbol-marker-pos nil "AUCTeX 9.9d++")
> +(make-obsolete-variable 'TeX-dollar-sign nil "AUCTeX 9.9d++")
> +(make-obsolete-variable 'TeX-dollar-string nil "AUCTeX 9.9d++")
> +(make-obsolete-variable 'TeX-dollar-regexp nil "AUCTeX 9.9d++")

Thanks for fixing this.  But may I ask what "9.9d++" means?  If the
release number was 9.9d, then we should say it that way, but why the ++?

Best, Arash

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