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Re: scope environment in TikZ

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: Re: scope environment in TikZ
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 22:38:41 +0900

Hi Arash,

>>>>> Arash Esbati <> writes:
> Keep in mind that if you want to use in-buffer completion when you're
> inside the brackets, you need `(TeX-arg-key-val key=vals)' in the hook,
> so I think the best would be if you could see if you achieve what you're
> looking after with `LaTeX-env-args' -- but I think that wouldn't work
> because of the (save-excursion ...) it uses?

My understanding is that `(TeX-arg-key-val key=vals)' is necessary
instead of `TeX-TikZ-env-scope' in
 (lambda ()
    '("scope" TeX-TikZ-env-scope))
in order for in-buffer completion inside brackets of scope environment
to work. Right?

If so, it's yet far beyond ready. I let the future developers of tikz.el
to accomplish that :-)

Anyway, I'll commit my proposal in a few days unless further comment
arrives from someone.

Ikumi Keita
#StandWithUkraine #StopWarInUkraine

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