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Re: Syntax classes of text in href

From: Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali
Subject: Re: Syntax classes of text in href
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2023 10:38:14 +0000

On 13/01/2023, Ikumi Keita wrote:
> Hmm. That would fail if some verbatim macro has an intentional unpaired
> "{" in its argument like \foobar{aaa"{"bbb} .
> But maybe it's a corner case that we don't have to worry about. I'm not
> sure. What do others think about this?

I am not too familiar with all the use cases or the code, so I might be wrong. 
But it seems to me that both situations (a macro in href, or an ill-formed 
verbatim text) are corner cases.

Nevertheless, IMO, treating a url as verbatim seems to be the main issue since 
it clearly is not (e.g., macros are processed). It's just that some characters 
have special treatment that differs from normal TeX. Perhaps a new class of 
text is required to distinguish the two cases. 

Best regards,
-- Al

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