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Re: AUCTeX and "builtin latex mode" integration

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: AUCTeX and "builtin latex mode" integration
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2023 09:42:33 -0500
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>> [ And in Emacs-30, you can use `major-mode-remap-alist` so that
>>   `mode: latex` will not call `latex-mode` but some other function,
>>   such as `LaTeX-mode`.  ]
> Yes, `major-mode-remap-alist` provides a clean way. However AUCTeX still
> need to keep the current code for a certain period for Emacs<30 if we
> take approach [B]. It would take at least several years until AUCTeX
> raises the least supported version to emacs 30.

I think all the possible solutions require such long term planning, yes :-(

>>> - hard-coded mode names in their personal customized codes.
>> I don't know what problem you're thinking of here.
> For example, users can have conditionals like
>   (if (eq major-mode 'latex-mode) ...)
> in their personal customized codes assuming that `latex-mode' is
> actually AUCTeX mode.

Ah, right.  Hopefully these are sufficiently uncommon and their users
sufficiently savvy.

>> OTOH you should be able to completely hide the "base" menus (by
>> overriding their bindings with something silly like the `ignore`
>> command).
> Do you mean menus provided by built-in tex mode by "base" menus?


> Or "File Edit Options Buffers..."?

No, not these.  This said, those also can be hidden/replaced in the same
way (tho I doubt AUCTeX would want to do that).

> [1] Currently, AUCTeX adds :around advice to `latex-mode' etc.

Indeed, I think this will have to stay at least until Emacs-30 is old
enough that we can rely on `major-mode-remap-alist` (unless we try to
go the minor-mode route).


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