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[GNU ELPA] Auctex version 14.0.5

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Auctex version 14.0.5
Date: Sun, 19 May 2024 05:03:16 -0400

Version 14.0.5 of package Auctex has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Auctex describes itself as:

  Integrated environment for *TeX*

More at

## Summary:

  This can be used for starting up AUCTeX.  The following somewhat
  strange trick causes tex-site.el to be loaded in a way that can be
  safely undone using (unload-feature 'tex-site).

## Recent NEWS:

                          USER-VISIBLE CHANGES

[14.0.5] - 2024-05-19


  • Add support for indirect buffers cloned from buffers visiting a
    file.  In indirect buffer, preview-latex works correctly when the
    command `preview-region' is invoked.  The command `preview-document'
    puts preview images in the base buffer, not in the indirect buffer
  • Add preliminary support for processing files with latexmk.  Support
    for `dvipdfmx' and the choice for viewer after compilation are not
    optimal, yet.  Overall, the support comes close to what the
    `auctex-latexmk' library provides.
  • Add new command `TeX-fold-section' (bound to `C-c C-o C-s') which
    hides all configured macros in the section containing point when
    `TeX-fold-mode' is active.  The unfold counterpart
    `TeX-fold-clearout-section' is bound to `C-c C-o s'.
  • Add new custom option `TeX-fold-region-functions' which is a list of
    additional functions to call when folding a region.
  • Add new custom option `TeX-fold-auto-reveal' which controls how the
    original source text is revealed when user clicks the folded portion
    by mouse.
  • Add new custom options `TeX-fold-auto-reveal-commands' and
    `preview-auto-reveal-commands' which are lists of commands revealing
    folded or previewed buffer text.
  • Add new custom option `preview-protect-point' which determines
    whether previews generated on top of the current point should be
    temporarily opened (`nil' by default).
  • Add new custom option `preview-leave-open-previews-visible' which
    determines if the preview code stays visible once opened.
  • Change the default value of `TeX-one-master' in order to recognize
    the suffix `.ltx' as regular TeX files.
  • Add new custom option `ConTeXt-paragraph-commands' containing a list
    of macros which should begin their own line.
  • Support query and insert of `mcite' compatibility macro
  • Support the `\verbatiminput*' macro (`style/verbatim.el').
  • Add new support file `style/amsrefs.el'.


  • Adjust options when processing files with ConTeXt: Remove obsolete
    `--texutil', use `--synctex=repeat' and omit `--nonstop' when
    `TeX-source-correlate-mode' is enabled.

[14.0.4] - 2024-03-31


  • Support completion for many commands described in `clsguide.tex',
    `fntguide.tex' and `usrguide.tex'.
  • Provide new custom option `LaTeX-flymake-chktex-options' to enable
    or disable specific warnings of `chktex' backend used by Flymake.
  • Provide new custom option `TeX-kill-process-without-query' which
    controls if user is asked before aborting a running process for a
    TeX document.


  • Improve guessing names for headers used in Imenu.


  • Revert usage of `:local' tag inside `defcustom'.  This tag isn't
    handled correctly in Emacs 27.1 and breaks AUCTeX.

[14.0.3] - 2024-02-20


  • Cater for former mode name in customized `TeX-command-list'.
  • Fix and enhance pseudo-parent mode facility.

[14.0.2] - 2024-02-09


  • Fix ELPA releases.

[14.0.1] - 2024-02-08


  • AUCTeX changes major mode names.  Its primary purpose is to avoid
    conflicts with Emacs built-in TeX major modes.  It also improves
    consistency of the source code.
    • The overview of the former names and new names are:
       Former name                New name                  
       `plain-tex-mode'           `plain-TeX-mode'          
       `latex-mode'               `LaTeX-mode'              
       `doctex-mode'              `docTeX-mode'             
       `texinfo-mode'             `Texinfo-mode'            
       `ams-tex-mode'             `AmSTeX-mode'             
       `japanese-plain-tex-mode'  `japanese-plain-TeX-mode' 
  …  …

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