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[AUCTeX-diffs] [elpa] externals/auctex fffc8fc 10/12: Rename TeX-xreader

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: [AUCTeX-diffs] [elpa] externals/auctex fffc8fc 10/12: Rename TeX-xreader-sync-view to TeX-reader-sync-view (bug#47807)
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2021 15:13:23 -0400 (EDT)

branch: externals/auctex
commit fffc8fc9097a79608443bbdce7e1d29fb91e244c
Author: Tassilo Horn <>
Commit: Tassilo Horn <>

    Rename TeX-xreader-sync-view to TeX-reader-sync-view (bug#47807)
    * tex.el (TeX-reader-sync-view): Rename from
    TeX-xreader-sync-view (bug#47807).
 tex.el | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tex.el b/tex.el
index 922d5be..32aad22 100644
--- a/tex.el
+++ b/tex.el
@@ -1237,8 +1237,8 @@ viewer."
   "Run `TeX-evince-sync-view-1', which see, set up for Evince."
   (TeX-evince-sync-view-1 "gnome" "evince"))
-(defun TeX-xreader-sync-view ()
-  "Run `TeX-evince-sync-view-1', which see, set up for Evince."
+(defun TeX-reader-sync-view ()
+  "Run `TeX-evince-sync-view-1', which see, set up for XReader."
   (TeX-evince-sync-view-1 "x" "reader"))
 (defun TeX-view-program-select-evince (de app)

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