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Re: [AUCTeX] Re: missing in snapshots

From: Uwe Siart
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Re: missing in snapshots
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 15:55:07 +0200

On 12 May 2005 at 15:39, David Kastrup wrote:

> "Uwe Siart" <address@hidden> writes:
> > This is just to report that I successfully installed snapshot
> > :-)
> Your choice of snapshot file would suggest this was on Windows?

Yes, indeed. And your asking tone insinuates that you would like to 
hear more about what happened during the installation.

Well, all fine. Maybe because I use MiKTeX (which doesn't use 
kpsewhich) the configure script didn't find the texmf tree. It found 
the tex executables though (latex, pdflatex, ...). So in addition to 
the --prefix option I gave --with-texmf-dir. All ok, as far as I can 
see. Preview-latex works also.

Aaah, yes - one thing: (require 'tex-mik) no longer works. Emacs 
reports something like 'unable to load tex-mik.el'. However both tex-
mik.el and tex-mik.elc reside under $PREFIX/site-lisp/auctex. As a 
workaround I took (require 'tex-site).


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