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[AUCTeX] Wish: Compile current frame

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: [AUCTeX] Wish: Compile current frame
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 17:32:08 +0200

Dear wonderful developers of the most indispensable TeX editor, I have
a wish to express: when working with classes such as Beamer and
others, in addition to have compile buffer/master/region, adding a
"compile current frame", the one enclosing the cursor, would help

My $0.02.

   Thanks for everything!

Emacs  : GNU Emacs 21.4.1 (i386-pc-linux-gnu, X toolkit, Xaw3d scroll bars)
 of 2005-03-17 on trouble, modified by Debian
Package: AUCTeX 11.55

current state:
 window-system 'x
 LaTeX-version "2e"
 TeX-style-path '("style/" "auto/"
 TeX-auto-save t
 TeX-parse-self t
 TeX-master t

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