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[AUCTeX] Re: install problems with GNU Emacs/ Fedora core

From: Rajneesh Hegde
Subject: [AUCTeX] Re: install problems with GNU Emacs/ Fedora core
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 04:57:07 +0000 (UTC)
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David Kastrup <dak <at>> writes:

> > ./configure --preview=my_home_dir --with-emacs 
> More likely --prefix

yep, I used --prefix. The typo above is perhaps because I've been itching to try
 preview-latex :) (I primarily use NT Emacs 21.3, but am tempted to switch to
XEmacs just for this.)

> It should also recommend copying tex-site.el manually to somewhere
> within your load-path.  This will change with 11.80, where tex-site.el
> will be copied automatically.

Well, I don't think the instructions in INSTALL mention this. Anyway, I manually
added the my_lisp_dir/auctex directory to load-path and copied tex-site.el to
that directory. (All of my lisp directories come before the site-wide
directories in load-path.)

However, when I use (require 'tex-site) I get the following error on loading a
tex file:
File mode specification error: (void-variable TeX-auto-global)

When I check the TeX-file customization group, the only variable mentioned there
is TeX-macro-global, in spite of the fact that tex-site.el has a
(defcustom TeX-auto-global ...) form.

Even when I use (require 'tex-site "my_lisp_dir/auctex/tex-site.el") to make
sure it loads from the right file, I get the same error.

I also erased all previous customization of auctex just in case this was a
compatibility issue, but that didn't help either.

On the other hand, if I load tex-site.el directly, instead of requiring
tex-site, then everything works fine. I'm curious to know what's going on here.


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