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[AUCTeX] New commands to activate AUCTeX?

From: Uwe Siart
Subject: [AUCTeX] New commands to activate AUCTeX?
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 14:19:06 +0200
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the AUCTeX manual now says:

,----[ (info "(auctex)Installation under MS Windows") ]
|  10. Run `make install' in the installation directory.
|  11. With XEmacs, AUCTeX and preview-latex should now be active by
|      default.  With Emacs, acticavation depends on a working
|      `site-start.d' directory or similar setup, since then the startup
|      files `auctex.el' and `preview-latex.el' will have been placed
|      there.  If this has not been done, you should be able to load the
|      startup files manually with
|           (load "auctex.el" nil t t)
|           (load "preview-latex.el" nil t t)
|      in either a site-wide `site-start.el' or your personal startup file
|      (usually accessible as `~/.emacs' from within Emacs and
|      `~/.xemacs/init.el' from within XEmacs).

Does this mean that (require 'tex-site) is no longer the preferred way
to activate AUCTeX. The lines cited above could be understood in such a
way that

  (load "auctex.el" nil t t)
  (load "preview-latex.el" nil t t)

are the commands to be put in site-start.el. Is this true now? I'm
worried because another section in the manual still says

,----[ (info "(auctex)Loading the package") ]
|    For GNU Emacs, the recommended way to activate AUCTeX is to add the
| following line to your `.emacs' file:
|      (require 'tex-site)


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