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RE: [AUCTeX] Install report: XEmacs and Windows XP

From: Michael Forster
Subject: RE: [AUCTeX] Install report: XEmacs and Windows XP
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 12:34:15 +1000


David wrote: 
> "Michael Forster" <address@hidden> writes:
> > Maybe the [ \n] matches on unix, but not on Windows? Note that cvs
> > translates line endings if the file is checked in as ASCII.
> Oh, it does?  I am going crazy.  The first step in is
> actually:
>   1. If you unpacked the distribution using Winzip or similar, you
>      better restart using infozip on the `.zip' file, or standard Unix
>      tools (see the next point) on the `.tar.gz' file: tools that make
>      the mistake of turning Unix line endings into MSDOS line endings
>      will cause trouble later in installation and operation.
> Of course, this does not help us one bit when the files checked out
> from CVS get their line endings converted.
> So it seems like we have little choice around trying to get the Perl
> converter to deal with this.

Actually, you can choose whether cvs does the conversion or not. It's just the
default to do it. I think the respective commands are

    cvs add -kb <file>

for adding and

    cvs admin -kb <file> 

for changing a file in the repository. But you have to be careful with the
latter , as this can lead to many cvs conflicts if anybody else has
modifications in his working copy.

My cvs client has an option to ignore the ascii/binary property, but I am not
sure if others have. I checked out again without translation and then all problems went away, including the screwed line breaks in

> Well, looks like \n is not a single character on Windows.  Does the
> following patch help?

No improvement. 

> >> > Type "make" at the prompt to build preview.
> >> > ./configure: line 3858: cd: /cygdrive/c/Documents: No 
> >> > such file or directory
> >> 
> >> Uh oh.  Have to check how this comes about.  Let me guess: 
> >> you have
> >> something like "c:\Documents and whatever" as a directory?  How is
> >> that related to Emacs/TeX?
> >
> > I had the auctex sources in the directory
> >
> >     C:\Documents and Settings\mforster\My Documents\Scratch\auctex
> Hmmm.  Now we have to figure out just how the install script gets the
> idea to refer to that directory...  It is trying to change into some
> directory here.  Can you give more context around line 3858 of your
> configure script?

The problem is

    cd $ac_popdir

from the expansion of AC_OUTPUT_SUBDIRS in autoconf.m4f. Loooks to me like an
autoconf bug. Should be

    cd "$ac_popdir"

> >> > make[2]: /cygdrive/c/Progra\~1/MikTeX/texmf/miktex/bin/tex:
> >> > Command not found
> >> 
> >> Let me guess: make is not from Cygwin?
> >
> > It is from cygwin:
> >
> >     $ which make
> >     /usr/bin/make
> >
> > I think it's the only make I have installed.
> And your shell also is Cygwin?


> Why wouldn't the command not be found in this case?

There's a bogus backslash in the path. Make wouldn't show quoting characters,
right? So there's a real backslash. Probably a case of over-quoting

The error goes away if I comment out the 


in preview/ TEX is quotified two times, once in each

Also, I think 


should be in the toplevel Finally I could install auctex without
manual Makefile hacking. I did the following

1) Check out to a directory without spaces and disabled line endings
translation. This fixed all problems. I think all files should be
marked as binary in CVS.

2) Applied the attached patch. I don't pretend that this is a correct fix, but
It makes the most important quoting errors go away for me. I am unsure, if
AC_SHELL_QUOTIFY is the right way to handle spaces. Maybe it'd be better to use
quotes where appropriate.

3) Use the configure options in the attached file auctex-configure, make, make
install. I also attached log files of all commands. There are some other
quoting issues, I haven't looked into.

> >> > 10) Try preview: C-c C-p C-d, Cache preamble: y, "No such file or
> >> >     directory gs". Customize the GS command.
> >> 
> >> What is the content of your preview-latex.el?

Doesn't seem to be generated. preview/Makefile contains

    lisp: $(LISP_OBJS)
            test "x$(packagedir)" != xno || $(MAKE) preview-latex.el

My packagedir is != no, so preview-latex.el is not generated.


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