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[AUCTeX] Re: Scrolling using scroll wheel on Xemacs

From: Franz Haeuslschmid
Subject: [AUCTeX] Re: Scrolling using scroll wheel on Xemacs
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 16:33:25 +0200
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David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:

> Franz Haeuslschmid <address@hidden> writes:


>> Could you please provide a sample TeX-document that actually
>> causes the grief? Did you consider to deactivate personal
>> configurations by calling XEmacs with parameters `-q
>> -no-site-file'? (I didn't take care of that at first.) According
>> to message news:<address@hidden> you no longer
>> need to explicitly load AUCTeX (BTW: this could be updated in the
>> FAQ).
> Uh what?  I say no such thing!  Requiring tex-site is no longer the
> recommended way to activate AUCTeX, true, but instead you need to load
> auctex.el.

This thread covers a problem with AUCTeX running under
_XEmacs_. I have learnt that one no longer needs to explicitly
load AUCTeX within XEmacs. The message I referred to even
contains an excerpt from the info documentation of AUCTeX, which
states that "AUCTeX and preview-latex should now be active by
default". If I had written about (X)Emacs, my explanation would
have been imprecise -- I guess -- but for XEmacs, it is still
valid, isn't it?


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