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[AUCTeX] AUCTeX Folding: Feature Request

From: Joachim Schlosser
Subject: [AUCTeX] AUCTeX Folding: Feature Request
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2005 11:52:07 +0200
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Hi there,

regarding the wonderful folding function of AUCTeX, I would like to
suggest two minor improvements.

\item[A label] It has a nice description of a variable
  X\textsubscript{foo} and Y\textsuperscript{bar}.

Folding this shows two things: First, the item label is hidden, which
may lead to confusion. Instead of
* It has a nice description of a variable
it would be nice to see
*[A Label] It has a nice description of a variable

Second, wouldn't it be nice to process the textsu[b|per]script in the
same way it is the case in math mode for "^" and "_"?

Should one or both features be already existant, I would like to
apologise and ask for a hint how to activate.

Joachim Schlosser
(The e-mail address is fully repliable.)

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