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[AUCTeX] must force $ in math::array::textrm

From: Jonas Koelker
Subject: [AUCTeX] must force $ in math::array::textrm
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 21:32:40 +0200

Hi.  Here's a short excerpt from one of my math assignments (no, this
isn't a homework question :P):

sign(n) =
        -1 & \textrm{if $n < 0$} \\
         0 & \textrm{if $n = 0$} \\
         1 & \textrm{if $n > 0$} \\

The dollar signs inside \textrm{} must be forced ("Math mode because of
`displaymath'.  Use C-q $ to force a dollar").  Since \textrm isn't in
math-mode by default, the Right Thing (in my mind, at least) is to
allow the dollar without forcing it.

FYI'ly yours,

Jonas K├Âlker

PS.  I don't follow the list, so you'll have to cc me if you want need
to get in touch with me (say, to tell me to get my ass on the list).


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