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[AUCTeX] Installation of auc-tex

From: Curtis Broadbent
Subject: [AUCTeX] Installation of auc-tex
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 21:46:55 -0400

I've installed auc-tex as per the instructions given and have run into some problems.
1) It turns out that Cygwin doesn't recognize the 'make' or 'make install' command, though msys does.  I found this out by trying to use cygwin first, before downloading msys.
2) In INSTALL.Windows, the instruction

"9. For GNU Emacs, the recommended way to activate AUCTeX is to add the

following line to your `.emacs' file:

(require 'tex-site)

The configuration for Windows systems is probably not quite

fitting. Instead of loading `tex-site.el' in that manner, you

might want to load `tex-mik.el' (for MikTeX) or `tex-fptex' (for

fpTeX) instead. Those will lead to somewhat more appropriate

values for your system. You can always use

M-x customize-group <RET> AUCTeX <RET>

in order to customize more stuff, or use the `Customize' menu."

doesn't seem to work for me.  First, is ".emacs" correct?  Should it be "_emacs"?  Also, operating under this assumption when adding the following lines of code

(setq load-path (cons "~/elisp" load-path))

(require 'tex-site)

and then rebooting doesn't give rise to the command menu upon opening a .tex file as promised.  I should note that the _emacs file came from and so may be flawed in other ways.  The reason I used theirs is that my installation of emacs didn't seem to come with an _emacs file (as demonstrated by searching for _emacs on the main drive after having installed emacs).

Any hints you can offer would be great.

Thanks in advance,


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